"Anecdotal evidence by credible witnesses, especially when they describe similar observations, is data."

Garry P. Nolan,

27. April 2023

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Jacques Vallée

The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists has Discovered about UFO Influence on the Human Race

Paperback, 232 Seiten, Anomalist Books 2014.

ISBN 978-1938398278

What is the nature of unidentified aerial phenomena? Forty years ago a small cadre of dedicated researchers began actively investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, and exchanging data through a small, informal network of international contacts. Today this low-profile network, or "invisible college," has grown into a larger, multi-nation volunteer research effort joined by many individuals. But the questions first raised 40 years ago remain current-and unanswered.


"I believe that a powerful force has influenced the human race in the past and is again influencing it now. Does this force represent alien intervention, or does it originate entirely within human consciousness? This is the question that forms the basis of the work of the Invisible College of UFO researchers." - Jacques Vallee


"THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE is unlike any other UFO book ever written. Dr. Vallee questions what everybody else takes for granted, doubts what everybody believes, drenches us with data that doesn't 'fit' any of the theories of either the True Believers or the die-hard non-believers and then offers a hypothesis on his own." - Robert Anton Wilson


"An important book-not only are UFOs and psychic events inextricably linked, as Dr. Vallee so nicely points out, but neither can be understood without an appreciation of the role of myth, tradition, and belief system. Must reading for the serious student of contemporary events." - Edgar Mitchell


"Certainly one of the most interesting, thought-provoking books so far written on UFOs." - Colin Wilson


Dr. Jacques Vallee began his professional life as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in 1961. While on the staff of the French Space Committee, he witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of unknown objects orbiting the earth, initiating a lifelong interest in the UFO phenomenon. Vallee arrived in the U.S. in 1962 and worked in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin before receiving a Ph.D. in computer science from Northwestern University in 1967. There he became a close associate of J. Allen Hynek, then scientific consultant for the U.S. Air Force on Project Blue Book-the result was The Invisible College.

Jacques Vallée

Passport to Magonia – On UFOs, Folklore and parallel Worlds

PDF-Dokument, 198 Seiten, Originalausgabe des Buches (372 Seiten) 1969.

First published two decades ago, Jacques Vallée’s stunning exploration of the evidence of extraterrestrial contact has become a classic in the field. An eminent scientist, mathematician and thinker, who has been consulted by NASA, Vallée synthesizes folklore, historical and modern-day eyewitness records and astronomical research to reveal a startling but undeniable pattern of fact – that throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely consistent tradition of visitations from another world. What that world is called and how the encounters are interpreted have been influenced by the prevailing beliefs of each era and place. Yet, as Vallée masterfully demonstrates, beneath the superficial differences there is a fundamental similarity of experiences that can only lead us to breathtaking conclusions.


Passport to Magonia also contains Jacques Vallée’s comprehensive catalog detailing the circumstances of nine hundred encounters spanning a period of one hundred years.


(Das PDF-Dokument lässt sich auf verschiedenen Internetseiten herunterladen und ist über Suchmaschinen über den Buchtitel leicht zu finden. Da ich keine eindeutigen Informationen dazu finden konnte, ob das PDF-Dokument möglicherweise gegen geltendes Urheberrecht verstößt, habe ich hier auf die Bereitstellung als Download verzichtet.)

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