"Anecdotal evidence by credible witnesses, especially when they describe similar observations, is data."

Garry P. Nolan,

27. April 2023

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Richard F. Haines

Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO

Paperback, 250 Seiten, Lighting Design Assn 1994.

ISBN 978-0961808242

It is refreshing to see an established UFO scholar once again working within traditional sighting parameters. UFO flight characteristics have recently occupied the attention of Dr. Richard F. Haines, in Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO. Dr. Haines, a retired NASA research scientist, is an acclaimed UFO investigator and has written several serious books on the subject of UFOs. Project Delta is the second of his books studying various sighting cases. The other, Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During the Korean War, appeared in 1990.


In Project Delta, Dr. Haines provides a valuable compendium of 230 known cases of the sightings of multiple UFOs throughout history. He gives the reader descriptions of the events, and adds commentary. Haines creates numerous charts and graphs to help the reader understand the meaning of the data. He matches the sighting cases with what is known about the flight characteristics of terrestrial aircraft and concludes that if his data are to be taken seriously, “the likelihood that earth is being visited by highly advanced aerospace vehicles under `intelligent’ control is very high indeed.“ His serious and sober study reminds us that the sighting phenomenon still exists and that solid researchers still track it, analyze it, and try to make sense of it. This is the essence of mainstream UFO research that takes special skills to do well. Dr. Haines once again demonstrates that no area of UFO research is beyond study, and that we can still glean information from older sighting cases.


                                                                    David M. Jacobs

                                                                    Department of History

                                                                    Temple University

                                                                    Philadelphia, U.S.

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