"Anecdotal evidence by credible witnesses, especially when they describe similar observations, is data."

Garry P. Nolan,

27. April 2023

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Steve Aspin

Out of Time: The Intergenerational Abduction Program Explored

Gebunden, 320 Seiten, Grosvenor House 2023. Zweite, aktualisierte Auflage.

ISBN 978-1803815220

In Out of Time, author Steve Aspin attempts to write a crossover work about the enduring worldwide reports of alien abduction. The book is intended for both those familiar with the historic published case material and the curious reader unfamiliar with the decades of serious research on this superficially improbable phenomenon.


From inspecting a cattle mutilation close-up in Ireland in 1970 to witnessing a UFO close-up after a period of missing time in 1972 at the age of 16, the author relates a lifetime of anomalous experiences. He also devotes chapters to the relationships he built with leading researchers during his 15 years of investigating this phenomenon. He at all times attempts to approach the subject with critical thoroughness and intellectual rigour. The book offers an insightful examination of the abductors’ probable extraterrestrial origins, intentions and strategies; defines when their worldwide abduction program probably started and might end, and discourses on the detail and possible purpose of its intergenerational nature.


Intelligent, articulate and deeply analytical, the reader will discover in Out of Time an engrossing page-turner as the author explores a broad range of diverse ideas on the subject to build his narrative to its sobering conclusion.


Although successfully normalised in popular culture to become background noise, the UFO/UAP issue and its related phenomena has real and serious implications for both the individual ‘experiencer’ and human society collectively. Out of Time is a timely wake-up call whose core message is that we should all now be taking this issue a lot more seriously.

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