"Anecdotal evidence by credible witnesses, especially when they describe similar observations, is data."

Garry P. Nolan,

27. April 2023

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Dan D. Farcas

UFOs over Romania

Paperback, 236 Seiten, Flying Disk Press 2016.

ISBN 978-0993492839

UFOs over Romania is a unique publication in every sense of the word. Written by one of the countries leading UFO researchers and academics Dan D. Farcas Ph.D provides a fascinating in sight into the UFO enigma in Romania. With almost fifty photographs and illustrations UFOs over Romania is full of UFO data that has never been published in English before.


The book begins with a brief look at a number of medieval paintings that some claim show UFOs. From that point on this book takes you step by step, decade by decade, through the annals of UFO research and investigation in Romania. UFO sightings, photographs, landing accounts, pilots sightings and even the thoughts on the UFO subject from a Romanian astronaut are all covered in this fascinating book. No type of UFO encounter is missed, in fact there are a number of close encounter cases in this book that may well be unique to Romania. This book has it all and is an excellent addition to the UFO literature and will be a credit to anyones UFO library.


The book has already been well received as is evidence of quotes like this: "An extraordinary book, packed with a wealth of fascinating detail on a vast number of cases, ranging from pilot sightings through to entity encounters. The wealth of detail makes this a valuable book for anyone with a serious interest in this subject." (Nick Pope, UK’s MoD UFO Project, 1991 - 1994) UFOs over Romania is indeed an extraordinary book and one not to be missed.

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