„Es gibt UFOs und jeder muss sich auf diese Tatsache einstellen. UFOs sind nicht dasselbe wie außerirdisches Leben. Aber wir sollten anfangen, über

diese Möglichkeit nachzudenken.“

The Washington Post,

28. Mai 2019.

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Donald Keyhoe
The Flying Saucers are real
Paperback, 237 Seiten, Gutter Books LLC., 2011 (Reprint der Originalausgabe von 1950).
ISBN 978-0-9826887-4-8

The 1950 book that startet it all! Donald Keyhoe delivers the results of his groundbreaking research in a style that is both businesslike and imbued with a sense of wonder at the mysteries and possibilities he is confronting. Keyhoe argues that aliens - wherever their origins or intentions - do not seem hostile, and have likely been surveilling the earth for two hundred years or more, though Keyhoe writes that their „observation suddenly increased in 1947, following the series of A-bomb explosions in 1945.“

This ist the stunning work of notification that touched off everything we associate with the UFO phenomenon today - the widespread paranoia, the government disinformation campaigns and the inevitable conclusion, for many people all over the world, that UFOs exist and do not have an earthly origin.

Donald Keyhoe, who relates here his investigation of the flying saucers, wrote with 25 years of experience in observing aeronautical developments. He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. He flew in active service with the Marine Corps, managed the tour of the historic plane in which Bennett and Byrd made their North Pole flight, was aid to Charles Lindbergh after the famous Paris flight, and was chief of information for the Aeronautics Branch, Department of Commerce.

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