„Ich glaube nicht, dass irgendeine Regierung der Welt die Antwort auf das UFO-Problem kennt, aber mehrere Regierungen müssen Beweise für seine Realität haben.“
Jacques Vallée, Konfrontationen, 1994, S. XXXVI.

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Never get lost

Cynthia Hind

UFOs over Africa

Paperback, 254 Seiten, Horus House 1997.

ISBN 978-1881852155

Cynthia Hind, Africa's foremost ufologist, sums up in detail a lifetime of work spent in careful invesitgation of a host of most unusual cases. Wether she is leading us on the spot through the strange appearence of silver-suited aliens and unique light phenomena at the La Rochelle estate, uncovering the fraudulent crash-scenario of the James van Greunen case, or meticulously working her way through the abduction chronology of two wealthy Johannesburg women, Cynthia Hind always upholds the highest standards for scientific researchers. She remains unflappable, virtually foolproof, but open-minded to the end. Her trademark is the extended and repeated interview where heretofore unretrieved and forgotten facts are often brought to the subject’s conscious mind by gentle and persistent prodding. Here, for the first time, is the complete story of the Ariel school UFO landing. We are given first-hand accounts of the ship’s descent and landing by over a dozen young students who witnessed, and later illustrated for their teachers and UFO investigators, what they saw that most memorable day.


A resident of Zimbabwe, Cynthia Hind was MUFON’s coordinator for Africa. After a stint in the South African WAAF, she married an RAF pilot and lived for a time with her husband and two children in northern England. She edited and published the biannual magazine UFO Afrinews. Her first book, UFOs - African Encounters, was considered a milestone in African ufology. Cynthia Hind died on August 21st, 2000.

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